Hello! first of all crappy edit i know, it was supposed to be a gif but it ended up being too big so yeah. okay so as planned i wanted to make a follow forever if i hit another mile stone and here it is! I’ve recently hit 5k and i wanna thank each and one of you for following this poop blog, its not even quality anymore imo since i’ve been reblogging a lot of random shit lately ((sorry for those who follow me for shinee and other fandoms only otl)) but yeah. this blog holds lots of memories and 5k to me, is A LOT. so just thank you. thank you for giving me all these experiences. alright back to blogs, here’s a list of people you MUST follow. I’m sure i’ve forgotten some of you, don’t worry, there’s still my blogroll and you all have a special place in my heart. If I’ve bolded your url, I have already consider you as my friend or favourite. the orders are according to alphabetic orders:

# - J ; 0-fivethirty, 87nn, ablazedays, adultkitten, aegyo-suki, amigonew, augustfirsts, babojjong, baekmints, baekyoons, bhcys, bubble-milk-tae, bumkis, choinho, dazzshinee, doushitae, dubuwaffle, envinae, fallingchicken, florensic, fqzpocky, fuckinizaya, gn-a, goomiho, greatsteakman, herewegobebe, hungryjungrytaekwoon, hyungwhore, ieatcellphones, ikuitenshi, immortae, inscentra, jinkinetic, jinkisses, jinkitten, jjongbling, jjongkeys, jjongosaurus, jonghyonew, jonghyun-ah, jonghyunar, jongryong, jonqtaes

K - R ; k-poppy, keyeomi, keyroro, kibumki, kittenluna, kkibum, kreys, krispymino, kubbys, lastkim, leefuckingtaemin, littleprinceu, littleshinee, lordkey, lovelettaers, luchynya, luhanney, mincookies, minhosman, minkissu, mintokkies, mintyramen, mintytaemin, mirnho, morrie, naekibum, naerong, nekohji, ninepearls, noctureals, ohshinee, okuokumura, onhans, pearlescentskyblue, petitchu, pikachois, pilsuks, preciousontae, ruby-sica

S - Z ; sallytae, sekaihyuna, seo-han, seosicat, seouleu, shawolastic, shawollet, shawoltaeminho, shineebabo, shineecstasy, shineeislove, shineemoon, sicajungs, sleepyheaded, sojuberry, soojungdesu, soojungs, soshiharmony, southkoreans, taebomb, taejumma, taekai, taekaiwaii, taekey, taelectric, taemilky, taemisu, taemperor, taeries, taetans, tarantaellegra, teasica, telepany, tfnys, toffeemilk, tokki-teethtokkitaepup, uncagethecolors, violraptaer, vtamins, younas, yultisic, zitaem

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