that video pissed me off so much. i like both exo and shinee and honestly most exo fans make me sick, something is wrong with these people >:(

they just wont sit still tbh, not even for one fucking second.

Hi. I'm one of your followers and a Shawol before any other fandom. SHINee World is my precious fandom that I love to no end. So um, I'm not trying to defend exotics, because they're fucking crazy, but at the very least I know for sure that international exotics are nothing like the ones that chased Taemin and Kai. International Exo fans are so nice, but there have been so many trolls to give them a bad name and they go through a lot of shit for others' stupidity. Sorry if this sent twice.

yes dear i understand, there are so many times where i’ve read ‘not all exo fans are like this’ etc but dear god. too many things has happened literally too many. to make the situation worse, its always towards shinee most of the time and i just cant take it anymore

fUCK that's not right. I'm pretty sure they were (exo) sasaeng fans though. that's really horrible, poor taemin...

yeah the fact that they’re exo fans too makes it 10 times worse :-) :-) i want to break their fucking legs